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The Morning Walk and Jet Lag

Ted Goerschner (1933-2012)

Having flown almost 20,000 miles recently, I finally arrived home to California with great joy and a good dose of jet lag. This enabled me to rise earlier than usual for my walk, reminding me of the beauty and stillness of the early morning – the quietude of the breaking day…the early morning hours often dedicated to contemplation or meditation or prayer…

the quiet before the city awakes.

Ted Goerschner, who was himself a man of the early morning, captured this perfectly in his ambient painting titled “Morning Walk”. The bold brushstrokes, movement and action of the piece are almost a contradiction to the peaceful mood which he created. Speaking more profoundly with fewer strokes was his lifetime achievement. He touched the hearts of his collectors with his flamboyant, bombastic palette and

agreeable compositions.

This piece is one of his gems!

Outside his usual subject matter, it will find its home with someone who loves both peace and action, boldness and quiet,

ever-changing nature in all its glory.

Inquire and it will be yours.

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