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How do you give back to the most generous?

Commissioning a portrait has historically been reserved for the affluent, but no longer. Strolling through galleries of portraiture, we wonder who and why, and gaze upon images of those who have been immortalized by their contributions to history, commerce, faith and leadership. In an age of technology, the brush and canvas, along with the gifted artist, eloquently capture those figures whom we admire.

We share with you one such example recently created through Galerie Gabrie.

Legacy giving is a noble path by which to preserve that which is meaningful in our lives. Rich and Ginnie Hunsaker, graduates of the University of Redlands in 1952, began their giving as a young couple with a modest contribution to the University of $25. Their unmatched commitment to the University's future and nearly seven decades of faithful philanthropy, ultimately resulted in the largest single gift in the University's history, $35 million, creating the Hunsaker Scholarship Prize. Only upon close examination can one find their names in small lettering planted on one of the buildings they erected...a beautiful example of ultimate humility and generosity.

In return, UofR commissioned this portrait which now hangs in the Hunsaker Student Center. It will serve as a reminder to all who pass by it of what is possible through education, focus, hard work and love.

It has been our joy to work on this project perpetuating the legacy of these fine people for decades to come.

Consider honoring someone whose exemplary life has inspired you! A family member, business associate or spiritual leader...these all make for wonderful subject matter in a diversity of styles.

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