Jasminka Gabrie’s passion for the arts and collecting has evolved throughout her life. A first generation descendant of immigrant parents, she was born in the Midwest and grew up in southern California developing an unusually strong work ethic by excelling in school and working side by side with her parents in real estate management and business development. Any free time was spent participating in local community activities, charitable endeavors, developing her sense of philanthropy as well as her love for music, the arts, food and travel.


By the mid 1980’s, after a successful seven year stint in the culinary arts, owning and operating a fine dining establishment, she seized the opportunity to become a liaison between quality art, artists and the public and shifted her energies to the art world. Her work as an art consultant opened up travel opportunities taking her throughout the world, from Europe to Asia.


Her success was defined not only through the procuring of fine art for collectors, but also through developing real estate for new gallery locations, overseeing the construction, then managing, marketing and team building. These years were full of growth, exposure, learning and adventure. Being young and female, she was considered somewhat of a novelty and a maverick in the art business quickly gaining the respect of her peers and clients.


Realizing the value of what she had learned, she settled in the Pasadena area and Galerie Gabrie was born in 1995. Her dream, to see the public collect quality original art at a reasonable value in a friendly and elegant environment combining exposure to variety and learning, was realized. Settling in a beautiful building registered on the National Register of Historic Places in the Pasadena Playhouse District, the gallery became home and a stepping stone to a multitude of artists. From its inception, Galerie Gabrie has successfully presented the public with over 125 exhibitions, both local and national, a wide range of services, lectures and is active in the community while simultaneously maintaining its international ties.

After 25 successful years in old town Pasadena, the gallery is moving into an exciting new chapter. After serving faithful clients for many years on Green Street, the business is evolving into a more broad representation of what Jasminka has always stood for. With art, food, travel and design as her driving pillars, there are many exciting things on the way for her and all the clients of Galerie Gabrie.


Her life is a mosaic and the palette of her artistic expression has been realized through successful business. She would be best described as a vivacious and energetic woman, quietly matured by her experiences, sustaining a keen sense of serving others and combining the nourishment of the senses while preserving a strong spiritual balance.