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We never argue...about how to hang paintings that is!

In a move, the first thing couples usually differ about is how to hang their high or low, left or right, which wall or space...ugh!

Hanging art is tricky. When it's done well, you don't even notice (that's a good thing!). When it's done poorly, something feels off...the room can seem shorter, not balanced or disheveled. This is definitely not a DIY task. It requires preparation, the right materials, thought, and confidence.

In 36 years, I only once received that dreaded call that my client's painting fell off the wall...but that was thanks to her curious cat.

Installations are an everyday part of what we do at Galerie Gabrie. We consider it a courtesy of the gallery knowing that no transaction is final until that painting is hung. Don't risk access to those hard to reach places, if you've moved, live in your space for a while before deciding where to hang and always be open to a fresh pair of eyes that see your space objectively.

Before you argue, fuss or worry, call us to assist you. That's one of the many reasons why we're called experts!

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