New Year, New adventures!

Welcome to 2022!

We are not only alive and well, but thriving! 
Certainly life as we knew it has changed, but we embrace and adapt.. that's the power of human nature.

While the construction of our new atelier has been delayed by circumstances beyond our control, this is going to be our year!  So, stay tuned, update your contact info here to be in the GG know and keep sending us good thoughts as we update you.

None of this would be possible without your continued support for which we are ever grateful. Galerie Gabrie continues its operations even after Green Street, just in a different way! Check out our collection and services on the website and call on us for all your fine art needs!

See you soon!

Shaping tastes daily!

Four Fine Hats, Inc.


"Construction of the Arroyo Seco Parkway"  Bernard Wynne,

Watercolor on Paper, 18" x 20"