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Since 1986, Galerie Gabrie has made it its purpose to merge fine art with fine people. Every work of art is the work of a creative mind. Every patron is the sponsor of that creative process. From creation to acquisition, Galerie Gabrie facilitates this process locally, nationally, and internationally.


Integrity is our maxim. Quality is our purpose. Service is our commitment.


Built by a determined woman of impeccable repute and curated by years of collective effort, knowledge and taste, our collection is carefully selected and constantly evolving to include variety in subject matter and price point.


Formerly located on Green Street in Pasadena, California, Galerie Gabrie is currently in the process of building a new atelier to showcase its wares.


We are grateful for the continued support of our loyal clients and look forward to continuing to serve you and all your fine art needs.

Integrity          Quality          Service

Check out this lovely piece

"At the Footstep"

Click here to learn more about the artist!

10240 At the Footstep 20x28 OC
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