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"La Pave de la Tournelle"

"La Pave de la Tournelle"

18" x 24", Print 10/250 20300

Thomas Pradzynski (1951-2007)

The artist was born in Lodz, Poland, on November 29, 1951. His childhood was greatly influenced by his aunt Joanna, an artist in Krakow.  Joanna recognized his talent at a young age and became his tutor.  When he was nine, his family moved to the Montmartre district of Paris, where the city galvanized his creative spirit.  The excitement of the modern city was like no other he had experienced.  He was enamored by the freedom expressed by its inhabitants, most importantly, by the street painters with their brightly colored canvases.  Upon returning to Poland in 1965, he resumed his artistic studies in painting and drawing.


Despite his obvious talent, his parents wanted a more “practical” path for him. Thomas eventually took courses in Sociology and Economics, while continuing his art. 


Paris continued to inspire Pradzynski through its urban charm.  Much of Pradzynski's mood was created upon the stage of old Parisian buildings and storefronts. 


The street scenes portrayed in Pradzynski's paintings appear to be within the category of "realism." As a realist, Pradzynski focuses his composition on the amount of content he can add to the subject matter.  In order to reveal more than one would ordinarily see with the naked eye, Pradzynski utilizes his talents of "photo realism."  The canvas ultimately contains more subject matter than the eye would normally perceive, therefore taking the perspective of a camera.  Details in the painting provide the viewer with a sense of intimacy by bringing the subject within the range of public scrutiny.


Nostalgia informed much of Pradzynski's work. Whether it is an empty street, the riderless bicycle propped against a wall, an unattended table in a small cafe, his images reveal the impulse in us all to hold tight to traces of the past, while the occasional open doorway lends the imagery mystery and suggests a future, inevitable yet unknown.


Obviously Paris has been a great inspiration for many artists, especially in the 19th century. But Pradzynski brought his own life and color to the city. Additionally his work is very accessible because of its bright and realistic qualities. He continued to work throughout his life in Paris.


At the time of his death, he lived in Montmartre. He was murdered in December 2007 in a road rage incident while he was walking with his wife in Paris.


Biography adapted from the American Design & New Masters Gallery biographies.



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