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Sylvia Trybek is an award-winning artist specializing in representational painting including still lifes, landscapes, and figurative works. Working alla prima from life models and subjects is her preferred form of self-expression. She composes her still life arrangements using props that she is emotionally attached to or involved with in her daily activities.


She paints the essence of what she feels and sees. Strong composition, lively colors, and emphasis on solid drawing form a foundation of her painting, teaching style and philosophy. As an artist and a teacher, Trybek believes in strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, excellence, and integrity.


Trybek's international background has played an essential role in the development of her skills and in the evolution of her style. She grew up in Poland, received her formal art education in the U.S., and has traveled extensively in North and South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. She lived and worked in France, Germany, England, and Thailand. Her early teachers, including professor Maciejewski of Gdansk, allowed her to develop strong drawing and composition skills. In the spirit of Renaissance, Trybek prepared herself for the career in arts by studying human anatomy at the Medical Academy in Gdansk - now she can see and analyze her models truly "inside-out”.


Over the years Trybek's studies included drawing, sculpture, Chinese brush painting, theatrical costume design, metalsmithing, and other forms of art. Although prolific and successful in so many fields, she selected oil on canvas as her preferred creative medium. Before entirely dedicating herself to painting and teaching Trybek worked as a theatrical costume designer. She left her distinctive imprint on many opera and theater productions in the Houston area. This experience is evident in the character and drama of her work.


Trybek received Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Houston, Texas. Her teachers include William Anzalone, David Leffel, Howard Terpning, and Master Lim Eow.


Today, the artist lives and works in Houston, Texas. She has been showing her paintings nationwide and she is a sought after portrait artist. Her paintings have been exhibited at many national and regional art competitions earning top honors, including numerous best of show awards. She teaches portrait and still life painting at the Houston Civic Arts Association. She also frequently conducts workshops and demonstrations.


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