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Robert Semans Self-Portrait copy.jpg

Self Portrait, 30" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Robert Semans - Portrait work

Robert Semans is one of our classically trained painters who works in multiple genres. He is the winner of multiple awards for his work, including the "Best in Show" from the esteemed Washington Society of Portrait Artists but it his keen ability to bring a second life to his subjects which intrigues collectors. The ability for an artist to successfully reproduce the physical body along with the emotional and spiritual aspects of a subject is almost a long lost art today. His work is eloquent, spot on and always sure to gratify the needs of our clients.

While exceptional portrait work is rare, commissioning a work through our seamless and highly personalized process will guarantee your satisfaction. Galerie Gabrie welcomes the opportunity to coordinate the creation of your unique portrait leaving a lasting legacy through quality work by the highest standards. We welcome you to inquire.

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