"Richfield Trees, Santa Paula"

"Richfield Trees, Santa Paula"

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by Sue Gerding ( 1946-2002)

12" x 16" Oil on Canvas


  • Artist Bio

    Sue Gerding Ricards (1946-2002)

    Bornin Ventura, Ca. Artist and educator 

    She majored in art at Skidmore College, NY graduated with honors in 1968, She earnedher B.F.A. from University  of Pennsylvania. After college she traveled widely to Europe, USSR, Mexico, China  and the Middle East. 

    She was an exchange student to Japan and also led artists tours through Europe. Her teaching background was extensive and varied and she taught both children and adults. She was frequently asked to speak to professional groups, teach workshops and to exhibit the art for wich she was known.

    Sue was an artist who chose not to be limited by her ability to draw and paint. Her three-dimensional contemporary works and her installations attracted both attention and controversy. She applied her diverse talents to creating in such diverse disciplines  as filmmaking, veramics. photography, enviromental and multi-media projects. . At the bottom of her resume she stated "Sue Ricards Makes Fine Art".


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