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"Morning Arrangement"

"Morning Arrangement"

14" x 16", Oil on Board 10640

Michael G. Miller is best known for his golf landscapes, but with years of training in the art of painting, his capabilities are much more broad. 

Miller began painting over 30 years ago. After acquiring his undergraduate degree in history, he moved to the westside of Los Angeles and began at the Brentwood Art School in 1986. Within the same year he met his soon to be mentor, Gene Mako. Gene gave Miller an education he could not have gotten anywhere else. Gene Mako was not only a gallery owner and artist himself, but the son of Bartholomew Mako- whose work is practically in every neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

During this time Miller also served as the Head Golf Professional and Director of Golf at the MountainGate Country Club, and then the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. This time combined with his ever growing knowledge of art led him to pursue painting as a full time job in 1998. 

He began to exhibit his work in the early 2000’s and his paintings of golf landscapes were quite popular. Always maintaining his love of painting as a whole, Miller also paints landscapes, iconography, still lifes, and various other subject matter. 

In 2007 the artist moved to Anderson, Indiana, where he still resides with his wife Joyce. He is still actively working in Indiana and continues to paint out of his studio.

Biography adapted from information provided by the artist. 



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