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LUIGI LANZA (1860-1913)


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Luigi Lanza (1860-1913)

Not much is known about Luigi Lanza, but his work is still recognized and in demand. Born in Venice, he is the younger brother of the painter Giovanni Lanza- who was doing work for the Royal Family by the time Luigi was born. He followed in his brother's footsteps, and studied at The Academy of Venice.

 He painted vedute mostly of his native Venice, but also traveled through Southern Italy.


Lanza's works included “Shore at Venice”, “Al lido”, and “Sulla laguna”. At Turin, in 1884, he exhibited “Rivo Ca Bernardo”. In Venice and Turin in 1887 he exhibited a “Veduta of the Laguna”, among others. At the 1887 Promotrice of Florence, he exhibited a painting: “Fondamenta dello Misericordia”. His “Veduta di Castel dell'Ovo a Napoli” is at Accademia Carrara in Bergamo. 

What we know is that he was consistent with his art, but his personal life is rather unknown. Documentation of Lanza exists until 1913. 

Biography adapted from the Istettuto Matteucci biography.



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