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Harry Raymond Henry  (1882-1973)


Harry Raymond Henry was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1882. His father became sheriff of Dodge City, Kansas, and his mother was one of the only female medical doctors west of the Mississippi and frequently treated prisoners in local jails.


Henry graduated from the Chicago Art Institute where he met and married Isabella Page Pierce. He went on to the St. Louis Academy and later studied in Minnesota as a pupil of John C. Johansen. After a short period in New York, they moved to Los Angeles, California. Here Henry became involved as a decorator, designer and artist. Here the couple had one son, Harvey Pierce Henry, born in 1912. 


In the 1920's, Henry purchased many businesses in San Juan Capistrano, California, including the famous Old Adobe building which became his home and studio. Many film stars and celebrities were visitors to the town and purchased paintings from Henry,


As his popularity increased, they decided to move to Beverly Hills. By 1929 Henry was working as an art critic for the 'Hollywood Citizens News'. He opened a studio on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood in the where he painted large canvases and taught classes. He had shows all around town, including multiple at the Greek Theatre. He became known for his unique painting using a bright palette and defined brush stroke in a style reminiscent of pointillism.


In 1951, done with the bustle of LA, the Henrys moved to Laguna Beach. There his work was featured at the Laguna Art Gallery where he was a lifetime member. He continued to paint until his eyesight failed in the mid-1960s. He died in Costa Mesa, CA on May 16, 1974.


Biography adapted from the Patricia Henry Sage account.




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