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"Dei Praestitis Signumex Aere"

"Dei Praestitis Signumex Aere"

18" x 13 1/4", Etching 11190

"Hercules from Museum Florentinum"

"Hercules from Museum Florentinum"

18" x 13 1/4", Etching 11188



18" x 13 1/4", Etching 11189

Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (1692–1768)


Giovanni Campiglia was an Italian painter and engraver from Florence, active under the patronage of the House of Medici.


He initially trained under Tommaso Redi and Lorenzo del Moro, then in Bologna under Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole. During his career, Campiglia was employed in Rome and Florence, painting and engraving historical subjects and portraits.


 Campiglia worked with Antonio Francesco Gori for over a decade on the Museum Florentinum, a collection of images of all the famous artists of Florence. It was a great resource then, and is still considered one of the greatest portrait series’ from that time period. Campiglia's contributions were published in 1734, which led Pope Clement XII to bring him to Rome. There he worked with historian Giovanni Gaetano Bottari in engravings for his multi-volume Musei Capitolini.


Campiglia's precise, highly finished red chalk drawings were especially popular with English collectors, who encountered his work during their Grand Tours of Italy. Not much is known about Campiglia’s personal life, but it is recorded that he passed away in 1768.

Biography adapted from the National Galleries of Scotland biography.



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