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"Steuben Amphora Vase"

"Steuben Amphora Vase"


Frederick C Carder (1864-1963)

Frederick Carder was born in Worsley, England in 1864. He would become famously known for founding the glass company Steuben and designing more than 8,000 varieties of handblown bases, bowls, glasses and candlesticks. His father took over the family pottery business, and Carder's brothers after him. When he was 14 he left school to help his father with business, while attending night classes in art and chemistry. 

In 1881 he took a job at Stevens & Williams and began working with glass. He traveled to learn different methods of glassmaking around the world. He also decided to go back to school and in 1891, started at the Wordsley School of Art for glassworkers.


In 1893 he married Annie Walker with whom he had three children. 

The relationship with his employer strained and the family decided to move to the United States in 1903. Within the same year Carder and his friend Thomas G. Hawkes founded Steuben Glass Works in New York. 


 In 1918 Carder sold Steuben to Corning Glass Works, remaining in charge. They became famous for their colored glass works, and their products were in high demand. The Great Depression affected business immensely and in 1932, Corning Glass limited their products and Carder became Art Director. He had a hand in the design and manufacturing of Steuben until he retired in 1959. 


He passed away after his 100th birthday in 1963.


Biography adapted from multiple sources.



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