Stars and Stripes

During this season of heightened travel, we delight in visiting places outside our usual areas. But however delightful those places and their respective flags are, we are always glad to come home and to gaze upon our own flag. In the spirit of the upcoming July 4th celebration, we reflect on Old Glory - the stars and stripes. Flags are significant in a number of ways and seeing them repeatedly reminds us of their significance throughout history. They are organic, living, and non-static, making them powerful elements in any painting. Though technically flags are uniform, their material, physical context and history make lively subject matter which is not easily exhausted or simplified. Flags have a remarkable amount of associative power, both positive and negative. More than simply objects of use, they are symbols which both unify and divide, uplift and comfort. As symbols of belonging and as statements of identity they can serve as reminders of the goods of political and social communities. We hope this week will be one of grateful and thoughtful celebration of our country in particular and its flag as we watch fireworks, gather with friends, remember those who serve and have served in order that we might fly our flag and celebrate in diverse ways.

The image below is by one of our long-term gallery artists, Sylvia Trybek. Titled "American Flags in Normandy" it is 12"x12", oil on canvas. You'll find another "flag painting" by artist Joe Stoddard here. Come by the gallery to see this and other beautiful paintings! Happy 4th of July!

10501 American Flags in Normandy 12x12 OC