Website Launch!

Ok......this is like giving birth.......really! Nineteen years ago, Galerie Gabrie opened with great fanfare, a big party, red carpet, many friends, clients eager to be "first" to purchase, supporters ready to hear our register ring, a tremendous amount of energy and the kind of naiveté that only hope can yield. What we lacked in experience, we made up for in enthusiasm! It's been great. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter......entering the age of technology while learning how to maneuver through the numerous platforms that are necessary in order to achieve our goals, all the while and remaining sane. I'm willing and ready......just bear with me!

My hope is that through this new website, we will retain the warm dose of hospitality our patrons have enjoyed in the gallery all these years while at the same time introduce a new generation to the excitement of collecting. The gallery cannot be replaced, but we can present it in a new format.

My deepest and undying gratitude goes to the people who have made this website a reality. Reflecting on those who have contributed in a major way, we thank Ms. Hannah Strauss (whose artistic spirit introduced us to the possibilities), Ms. Lorah Gleason (a three year member of the gallery and soon to be Mrs. Tuggy mid May), Ms. Jennifer Gunlock (now an integral part of the Jonathan Art Foundation Collection at the Jonathan Club), and Ms. Elizabeth Ayoob (whose extraordinary talent for photography makes us look rich and thin). I curtsy before the lovely and patient Ms. Christina Samore who so methodically and diligently succeeded in recreating the physical gallery into an on-line living experience all the while cheerful, organized, diligent and polite. To Trish Heckman, who has been my image maker and gallery confidant for the last thousand years, thank you! To Alex, who connected the IT dots, and, of course, to my beloved Jimmy........well, enough said.

Stay tuned folks.......here we go!