Leah Lopez was raised in the heart of Northern New Mexico, surrounded by tall mountains that border a vast and colorful sky. It’s known as the Land of Enchantment, where cultures and traditions are preserved and interconnected through the arts. Being brought up in this atmosphere helped shape her artistic perceptions and define her journey to becoming an artist. While studying traditional drawing methods, she built a foundation on which she would later craft her own techniques to express her vision. Leah recollects, "My first classes are still clear in my mind. Although, I’d been drawing since I could hold a pencil, after completing the course I realized that anything was possible and everything was an option. Without question, I chose to study oil painting and to this day, I feel even more, that the possibilities are endless." By 2007, Leah was recognized as an emerging artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Scottsdale, Arizona and Edmond, Oklahoma, when she decided to expand her horizons, by moving to New York City. There she would attend classes at the legendary Art Students League. Leah recalls, "I had moved to other states before, but never on my own and never to a place where I hadn’t visited. I was terrified and excited at the same time, but I knew deep down, that New York City was where I wanted to be."


Leah very quickly fell in love with the City. Her new home gave her the ability to experience, in person, the artwork she once studied in textbooks. She enjoys her close proximity to the picturesque landscapes of the Hudson River Valley and, of course, the opportunity to paint them. Like New Mexico, New York is home to a wide variety of cultures and traditions, the exact elements that inspired her in her youth. Even though Leah admits to occasional home sickness, she has created a world of her own that fuels her creativity. "The City is like an endless buffet for the creative person. There is something for everyone and you never have to eat the same meal twice, unless you want to." Leah works in a historical Building in Greenwich Village, at Union Square. Her studio is on the top floor and has a large Northern skylight that offers an uptown view of the ever romantic Empire State Building. "Many wonderful Artists have worked here and still do. As I leave my studio each day, I look over the room then, out toward the Empire State Building, and smile, knowing I get to come back the next day."


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