My art is very personal to me. I fancy myself a poet, a story teller and a songwriter. My medium is physical rather than oral. I fall in love with each piece I create because they all come from a place deep inside me. My inspirations come from many different sources, lyrics from songs floating around in my head, a model that settles into a pose and wears his or her emotion on their body, a feeling or inner thought that needs to be expressed, the day-to-day observation of the human spirit, even a family photograph that provokes wonderful memories. Every day we all experience a complex mix of emotions and I try to bring these out in my work by telling a story that is unique to each viewer.


I spend a little of everyday in my studio developing ideas in small clay sketches in a variety of poses. The more interesting of these become preliminary studies for larger, more complete works. I prefer to work with water base clay. The organic composition of the clay has a life of its own.


The way it moves through your fingers creating its own dimensions as you manipulate it. The loose textures I use on my art add to the interest and the depth of my work and open the piece to interpretation by the viewer. I want people who see my work to interact with piece on their own terms, so they can decide for themselves what the piece means to them. My work allows the observer to connect and sympathize with the rest of mankind by feeling and contemplating those experiences that make us human.


HONORS and AWARDS: 2007 Sculpture Walk, Sioux Falls, SD People’s Choice Award - Sculpture Tour, Gunnison, Colorado Certificate of Merit – Carnegie Garden Juried ExhibitColorado Springs, Colorado2006 People’s Choice Award - Sculptures in the Streets, Mesa, Arizona2004 Adonis Bronze Foundries Award – Sculptural Pursuit Magazine Honorarium – - Art on the Plaza – Sheridan, Wyoming2003 Featured Artist – Sculpture Along the Trinity at Bear Creek – Keller, Texas2001 Featured Artist – American Women Artists Competition Exhibition Santa Fe, New Mexico Scottsdale Award – Scottsdale Artists’ School/Meyer Gallery2000 Award for Sculpture – Scottsdale Artists’ School – Best and BrightestScottsdale, Arizona1998 Silver Medal for Sculpture – Allied Artists of America, New York, New York Best of Sculpture – Art Students League of Denver – Denver, Colorado1997 Working Scholarship – Scottsdale Artists School1992 Roman Bronze Award – 46th Pen and Brush Sculpture Exhibition, New York


EXHIBITIONS: 2009 American Women Artists National ExhibitionGalerie Gabrie, Pasadena, California2007 Art and Friends, RL Foster Galleries – Denver, Colorado2004 Frelinghuysen Morris Museum – Lennox, Massachusetts National Sculpture Society Annual Awards ExhibitionBrookgreen Gardens, South Carolina2003 National Sculpture Society – New York City, New York Sculpture Along the Trinity at Bear Creek – Keller, Texas2002 American Women Artists Fifth Annual National Competition The Columbine Gallery and The Inn at Loretto – Santa Fe, New Mexico2001 American Women Artist Fourth Annual National Competition The Southwest Contemporary Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico2000 Scottsdale Artists School – Best and Brightest – Scottsdale, Arizona1999 National Sculpture Society “Everyday Life” Exhibit – New York, New York Allied Artists of America Annual Show – New York, New York Danada Sculpture gardens – Lombard, Illinois Southwest Classis Invitational – Kerrville, Texas1998 Southwest Classis Invitational – Kerrville, Texas Charlene Cody Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico Sculpture Along the Trinity – Fort Worth, Texas Danada Sculpture Gardens – Lombard, Illinois Allied Artists Annual Show – New York, New York1997 Colorado Clay – Foothills Art Center – Golden, Colorado Colorado Art Open – Foothills Art Center – Golden, Colorado1996 Pen and Brush – New York, New York Artists of Colorado Exhibition – Colorado History Museum – Denver, Colorado Spring Showcase – The photo Mirage Gallery – Denver, Colorado1995-2004 Sculpture in the Park – Loveland, Colorado1993-1994 Loveland Sculpture Invitational – Loveland, Colorado1992 Allied Artists of American Exhibition – New York, New York Pen and Brush – New York, New York1990-1995 Art Students League of Denver Exhibition – Denver, Colorado


AFFILIATIONS: National Sculpture Society – Associate MemberAllied Artists of America – Associate memberArt Students League of DenverAmerican Women Artists – Contributing Member EDUCATION1990 – Present Art Students League – Denver Colorado Art Students League Professional Non-Instructed Sculpture Group Lynn Olsen – Cement Sculpture workshop Kristen Kokkin – Figurative and Portrait Sculpting John Birney – Figurative Sculpting Ken Bunn – Wildlife Sculpting Gerald Balciar – Wildlife Sculpting Emanual Martinez – Anatomy1998 – 2002 Scottsdale Artists School – Scottsdale, Arizona Stanley Bleifield Floyd Tennison DeWitt Arapahoe Community College – Littleton, Colorado Kathy Holyt – Ceramics Robert Kerr – Architecture Drawing William Miller – Architecture Drawing1998 Loveland Sculptue Academy – Loveland, Colorado Eugene Daub1992 Evergreen, Colorado


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